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Deb's Gallery

Deb's Gallery

Thanks for visiting our web store. Shop and buy top sellers in gifts, collectibles, home, garden and seasonal decor. Give your home a makeover indoors and out. Search or browse through our listings and discover the awesome selection of new products. We have something for everyone on your shopping list, him, her, or the one who has it all.


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Deb's Gallery
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Exclusive Offers

Exclusive Offers

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44 Inch Bronze Tube Tradition Vist

The sleek and classic design of this beautifully bronzed wind chime looks as good as it sounds. The elongated metal tubes make lovely music when the breeze blows through. Perfect for your porch or patio. Weight 1.2 pounds Dimensions 6.75" x 6.75" x 44" METAL, WOOD

Our Price:   $39.99
Item:  12010115
Out of Stock

Aluminum Windchimes

Nature's own music sounds best when accompanied by the soft, gentle tones of this aluminum and wood wind chime. A natural pine finish makes this a lovely porch decor item. Tubes range from 12" to 17"; the top is 5 1/2" in diameter.

Our Price:   $24.95
Item:  25306
In Stock

Butterfly Flutter Windchime

As the wind flutters through this pretty windchime, you’ll enjoy the beautiful song and dancing butterflies. It features metal chimes, lovely beads, and wooden accents at top and bottom.

Our Price:   $14.95
Item:  10015861
Out of Stock

Butterfly Solar Chime

Butterflies on parade create a lovely glittering cascade! This unique decoration adds delight day and night, as it dances in the sunny breeze or the gentle glow of its very own solar light.Weight 0.7 lb. UPC# 817216011023. 6 1/4" diameter x 30" high. Iron and plastic.

Our Price:   $19.95
Item:  D1145
In Stock

Celestial Windchimes

Colorful celestial wind chime, with yellow sun and moon, and bright blue stars.

Our Price:   $7.95
Item:  33656
In Stock

Church Bell Windchimes

Natural wood wind chime with pipes tuned to sound like church bells. 4" x 4" x 38" high.

Our Price:   $24.95
Item:  34596
In Stock

Classic Bleach Wood Windchime

The grandeur of nature’s bounty surrounds you, and this windchime accents that simple beauty without fanciful frills. Graceful silver-tone pipe chimes await the movement of the breeze along with an oblong disc that sways from the metal clapper.“S” hook at top for hanging.

Our Price:   $19.95
Item:  15185
Out of Stock

Classic Windchime

A simple yet elegant windchime, perfect for the porch of that country cottage or sun-dappled patio. The slightest breeze starts a gentle symphony.

Our Price:   $12.95
Item:  28191
In Stock

Color-change Butterfly Chime

Day or night, this glimmering chime is a sure-fire delight! Unique color-change LED light infuses the crystal center ornament with a changing rainbow of color. Breathtakingly beautiful! Hook at top for hanging.

Our Price:   $9.95
Item:  39484
In Stock

Copper Leaf Windchime

Vibrant notes seem to dance in the air as coppery chimes fill your garden with music! Gorgeous to behold as well as to hear, this copper and rosewood colored chime graciously completes your serene outdoor theme. Crafted by the artisans at Woodstock Chimes.

Our Price:   $29.95
Item:  14590
Out of Stock

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